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Progress Flying School offers full training for the issue of the Microlight National Private Pilot Licence – the courses are run on the C42 aircraft and are delivered by our CAA approved Instructors. We can also offer Ground School to prepare you for the exams you’ll need to pass as part of the course; all these, plus the flight test at the end of the course, will be conducted by our in-house CAA approved Examiners.

Interested?   Why not contact us to arrange a trial flight at our hourly training rate.

You will fly with one of our experienced instructors who will explain about the aircraft and the training course, and will give you the opportunity to take the controls.

All our aircraft are available for rental, so once you have completed your training and received your licence, you can start building your flying experience by venturing further afield and visiting the many airfields that are easily accessible from Wycombe Air Park.

So how much is this going to cost? The requirements above specify the MINIMUM hours to be flown. It is likely that most people will need more than the minimum time to achieve their licence, but if we work on the minimum you should budget for around £5000 - £6,000 for the course. This includes the flying, dual and solo, ground school, exams and the flight test at the end of your training.

There is a full syllabus of training for the NPPL with a Microlight Class Rating, please follow the link below for details.


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Training Rates

Dual Instruction: £165 per flight hour.

Aircraft available: Ikarus C42, EV97 Eurostar

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